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Straasha in Fusion v1.1a

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I got my first results with Fusion v1.1a and found that almost all losing trades happened because of Straasha strategy. It also has it’s own Money Management, which is placing trades with big lot and they are often losers. Here is my statement for the first week of trading. Results are not so impressive yet, but I’m using DEMO account and I recommend you to do that until you find the best settings.

The statement helped me to understand that Straasha should be turned off in Fusion v1.1a.


Comments so far.

  1. Posted by apurple on Sunday 21st February

    Hi, I was wondering if in this demo one you turned off the automatic money management feature? If not, maybe thats what caused the big losses from Straasha?

  2. Posted by admin on Sunday 21st February

    Yes, I turned it off. I used fixed lots “0.1”. But Straasha as you see had delayed orders with up to 4.1 lots! This is too much for $5000 account.

  3. Posted by Aaryan on Tuesday 2nd March

    hi, can i get your email id my id aaryan.robot at g ma il dot com , please mail you id i would like to take your suggestion regarding fusion V1.1a please mess me your id i need your help

  4. Posted by admin on Wednesday 3rd March

    I contacted you from forex.nav [at]

  5. Posted by Marcus on Monday 7th June

    Please, how can I buy the fusion-v-11th-robot?

  6. Posted by admin on Thursday 17th June

    Not sure that this is possible now. I recommend you to contact support and ask them if it is possible.

  7. Posted by Usman on Wednesday 9th March

    Hi Dan please send fusion V1.1a to my email

  8. Posted by admin on Monday 21st March

    Unfortunately I can’t. This project no longer exists and EAs are not authenticated now.

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