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I want to make a short review of new robot on the market: Swissy Auto-Scalper or SAS.

This robot is not for sale yet and MegaDroid team have not announced about it’s launch yet. This robot is available only for people, who uses The Correlation Code and bought it using MegaDroid and FAPTurbo links.

I’m not going to speak about The Correlation Code in this post, I’m just going to introduce this bonus.

When I got this robot I’ve made two backtests on EURCHF (it’s the only currency pair supported by the Auto-Scalper) for the same period with the same RiskLevel (it uses the same Money Management system as in MegaDroid). My inputs are:

Deposit: $10 000-$100 000

RiskLevel: 0.2

GMToffset: (the same as displayed on the chart information)

Period: 2007/01/01 – 2009/11/01

Here are the results:

  • FxPro broker

Deposit: $10 000

Net profit: 10300%

Max. DrawDown: 20%

Accuracy: 88.57%


  • FXCM broker

Deposit: $100 000

Net Profit: 1034% (Low because maximum lot size exceeded)

Max. DrawDown: 30%

Accuracy: 86%


My Conclusion

This robot looks not bad, but MegaDroid is better 🙂


  1. Highly profitable
  2. Rather stable and accurate robot
  3. Easy to install (easier than MegaDroid using it’s brand new installer)
  4. Good Support by MegaDroid Team


  1. Result depends on broker
  2. Some broker has high spreads on EURCHF during it’s trading time
  3. It’s not for sale and to buy it you must pay a lot for The Correlation Code course

How can I get The Correlation Code?

You can find the correlation code using this link:

–> The Correlation Code link <–

Warning! This link is affiliated by MegaDroid Team! If you decide to purchase it and you do it using this link you will get Accu-Scalper bonus.

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