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The Art of Forex Portfolio

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I have just received a mailing list about new forex product called “The Art of Forex Portfolio”. I’m going to buy it later, but now I’d like to discuss it’s website and general appearance.

The first thing that looks fishy is this sentence: This product is registered with Clickbank, Plimus and Click2Sell and ready for you to promote.As I know all of them disallow using various payment processors. But then I saw that only ClickBank is used on the main page and Plimus has it’s own separated page. I think this is good decision, but it’s dangerous for this vendor to spoil his relationships with payment processors. Anyway it doesn’t matter if we’re interested in using, not promoting it.

Joseph Seelentag and Daniel Peleg, two leading Forex market experts, have just completed 8 month of intensive writing of the most comprehensive and valuable course teaching traders, newbies and veterans alike, how to build a successful Forex portfolio using several strategies working together in harmony.
This is a +180 pages course, practical and illustrated step-by-step.

Here’s what one of our respected affiliates, Mr. Jeff Wilde, has to say about the product:

“The 4x Portfolio had a very good conversion for just one email. This was very good in my opinion as there are so many products being released on a daily basis that compete for a traders attention. The product is also different from everything else on the market, so I knew it was something that I could offer my clients that would have unique value”.

On my opinion this is good product to promote and to buy for learning. It’s website looks nice, much better than all other robots as for me. Unfortunately, this is 1-page website, but this is the best marketing nowadays for such products.

Remember, that you always can return this product and get all your money back, so it’s not too hard to buy it and try.

Here is the direct link:

If you want to affiliate this product for your subscribers, you can forward to this page.

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  1. Posted by Trinidad on Sunday 23rd September

    I have Bills FOREX PROFIT MULTIPLIERThis pogarrm is the same thing as this new pogarrm portfolio profit except it for Forex TradingI must say the the $2000 price tag which gives a years subscription to the trade alertsSeemed like a great deal when i bought itBut in reality I have wasted my $2000 as far as i can seewhen he released this pogarrm he had such hype and an amazing amount of good trades last novemberhowever since we purchased itthe trades are not working and generally i have lost money on most tradesthis week there has been some trades that came through 5 of 6 would have workedbut they came when i was in bed asleep this is the best result i have seen since we purchased it4 months agoSO my advice is tread carefully

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