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The Forex Conquest is SCAM

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The first message in affiliates category is going to be about a scam vendor with his scam product.

As I know Nick Channon and his product The Forex Conquest is SCAM.

On the JV page Nick offers his own link, which looks like “”. When I pressed on this link before the launch it was working well and it marked visitors as referred by yourclickbankID.

But today is the launch day and the link is not working. It redirects visitor to the sales page but it doesn’t mark it as referred by you.

Don’t trust this vendor anymore!

Remember: Distinctive feature of this vendor’s products is prizes for the most successful affiliates offered on the JV page. It looks like this:

We are holding a JV contest, as a way to say thanks to our JV partners.

Please remember we only count the sales from the launch dateĀ  to a week after that. We will update this page for the JV contest result.

1st Prize: IPhone 8GB

2nd Prize:PlayStation 3

3rd Prize: Xbox 360

I hope you read this before being scammed!


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  1. Posted by Nick on Thursday 5th November

    Hi, this is Nick from Forex Conquest.

    Please replace yourclickbankID by your real clickbank ID to test before you blame us as scam.

    It will sure refer you as affiliate. We use clickbank, no way we can cheat.

  2. Posted by admin on Friday 6th November

    I’m blaming you as a scam because on the launch day your affiliate link was not working as it is now. You can’t cheat with clickbank but page go.php is on your server.
    The best proof is that my friends made a big mailing about pre-launch and then about the launch – they got 500+ hops and on the launch day (after second mailing) they got 2 or 3 hops (left from previous mailing…). I’m sorry but this is what I saw on your page. Now it’s okay, but it was wrong. I’m not an affiliate myself, but I’d like to prevent other affiliates’ losses.

  3. Posted by Hannah Garcia on Thursday 12th August

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  4. Posted by Zailon on Sunday 28th September

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