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Tutorial: How to download quotes history

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In this tutorial I will teach you how to download quotes history.

There are two methods: Automatic and Manual.

This tutorial is for people, who are not well computer-educated, that is why I will include only first and the easiest method of quotes history downloading. This is very easy but everyone who is interested in Expert Advisors must know how to do that and what to do with Missmatched Errors while backtesting.

I decided to use FXDD, because on my opinion it is very unstable broker and it’s downloaded quotes are usually different.


For backtesting I will use Forex MegaDroid v 1.11


  • Step 1: When trying to do a backtest when quotes are not loaded you will experience such a picture and trading results will be very strange and mostly losing.


  • Step 2: Starting to download quotes history. Select item in the menu bar or you can just press F2


  • Step 3: Selecting needed currency and timeframe


  • Step 4: Downloading quotes process (if the process can’t be finished, we advise to try again cuple times)


  • Step 5: If downloading was successfully finished you’ll see the next messages: “Database: xxxxxxx records


  • Step 6: Checking for missmatched chart errors value


As you see, there are no Missmatched chart errors, but we still can’t be sure that everything backtested correctly. I highly recommend not to use FXDD for MegaDroid because it’s trading conditions are not well for it’s successful trading.

Good luck in correct backtesting!


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  1. Posted by Per-Olof Ohlsson on Wednesday 17th June

    Daniel Harris,
    thank you very much for your help to me and patince with me. I am looking for the best broker.

    I have followed your instructions how to download Megadroid and how to clear the errors that can be found in the various records, but with very poor results, I tested the 4 brokers with back testing and trading of the respective MetaTrader4 platform. None of these have shown any trading results. Just FXDD shows results of back testing, but no trading results.

  2. Posted by admin on Wednesday 17th June

    May be you have another error with MegaDroid. For example, you forgot to enter Receipt number or to change settings of MetaTrader.

  3. Posted by Gary on Saturday 8th August

    “I highly recommend not to use FXDD for MegaDroid ”

    Who do you recommend, please?

  4. Posted by admin on Saturday 22nd August

    Please, read my recent posts and you will find recommended brokers.

  5. Posted by admin on Saturday 22nd August here is a link

  6. Posted by Ugur on Sunday 28th September

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  7. Posted by Madhav on Saturday 14th November

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