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Tweaked setting for successful trading – Review

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Two days ago I saw a link to the website with Tweaked settings for successful trading with FAPTurbo and MegaDroid:


I don’t know a lot about FAPTurbo’s settings, but about MegaDroid I can tell you that there is no special setting to change it’s trading results. The only setting to change Lot Size of trades is RiskLevel (LotSize for trading fixed lot).

My choice is RiskLevel=0.2 – this is recommended value by MegaDroid support. And I don’t think that I will pay $57 for some false settings. Forex Critic is trying to earn money on nothing. This is SCAM on my opinion.

Don’t trust special settings sets. You can ask me and I will help you for free.


Comments so far.

  1. Posted by mike on Monday 15th June

    unfortuanitly i have to agree. the settings being sold by forex critic are nothing special. esentially it is just adding risk to get a higher reward. or a higher loss. i personally bought the product from forex critic. i do not use the settings he supports as his settings are for a large account or would risk over half of an account. i use risklevel 0.2 and have had very good results with the robot. i would not suggest anyone pay for his settings i got the settings with the purchase of the robot otherwise i would not have purchased them. i also bought the fapturbo robot and settings and truthfully i do not use those settings either. they are mostly relying on the long term eurusd strategy that even fapturbo recommends not trading. beyond that they are just increased lot risk on the scalper strategy nothing ground breaking.

  2. Posted by Grant Short on Wednesday 8th July

    HI! I am so glad to have found your site. I am just getting started with my Megadroid Robot. Last week it traded once for me and i was ecstatic to say the least. But I feel like the robot misses many good trades or potential profits. Do you have any way to make it hunt for more opportunities or SOMETHING that will quell my fears of a lame little bot? πŸ˜‰ Thanks.

  3. Posted by Gary on Saturday 8th August

    This post has just saved me money!!


    I will use RiskLevel=0.2

    QUESTION: Does it make any difference to your recommended settings if I am planning to trade with $500 or $1000 ?


  4. Posted by admin on Saturday 22nd August

    0.2 is good for both 500 and 1000 USD. Fo 50000 it’s enough to use RiskLevel=0.1…

  5. Posted by AlexM on Sunday 6th September

    I find your site useful, thank u. I also came across Forexcritic while shopping around for a forex robot. I am fairly new to forex and would like to start conservatively by investing 500 to 1000 USD. Which robot is better to begin with? FAP turbo o Megadroid or both? Is it OK to order thru Forexcritic? He has a promotion that if u order using his link he will give u his settings for free. What about the computer monitoring service that he recommends not to use your PC only?
    Pls advise.

  6. Posted by admin on Tuesday 8th September

    Thank you.
    You can buy through his link and he will get a commission for that. This is okay. But MegaDroid doesn’t have any special settings yet, so there is no special gift πŸ™‚

    I’d advise you to buy MegaDroid and FAPTurbo both, but you can’t use them on one account. They are not working very well together. You can use MegaDroid on EURUSD and FAP on other currencies it supports – then it’s better. But the ideal variant is to use them on different accounts.

    Don’t be in hurry. Forex won’t disappear anywhere. Open two DEMO accounts and use MegaDroid and FAPTurbo both there, look how they perform.
    Don’t make a refund because you may get some special bonuses from MegaDroid team later. They are always developing some new robots and features for current robots. They are not SCAM at all.

    Test them yourself, learn how they must work, compare your results with others…

    Good luck to you!

  7. Posted by Disappointed and Hurt on Tuesday 22nd September

    I wish I would have seen this before I made the purchase from his site. All three…. It’s ok though, Karma is something that shouldn’t be taken so lightly. It’s not like he got anything extra from me, but the fact that I made him a little more money frustrates me. He doesn’t send anything out, he just comes off as if he’s humbled and willing to help, but in fact, he’s a con man. A person who sells false dreams to others. I pray to God that I learn FOREX inside and out, and actually learn how to tweak my settings to give honest opinions and suggestions to others.

    Don’t be like me, stay away from this guy.

  8. Posted by Karl on Wednesday 23rd September

    i am so glad i found this site….there are still some good people out there!!! πŸ™‚

    take care…

  9. Posted by admin on Wednesday 23rd September

    You’re always welcome!

  10. Posted by simo on Thursday 24th September

    what about all those people that have said on hi web site that his settings have helped them make money

  11. Posted by ForeksKing on Tuesday 1st December

    I dont like writing to much on comments. Generally I read and go. However this is really good one. So, I want to say thank you.

  12. Posted by Dan on Monday 14th December

    This site is very educational. I’m glad I found it. I just finished a back test using RiskLevel=0.1, and will now run a back test using Risk Level=0.2. Thank you for providing such helpful information.

  13. Posted by Dan on Wednesday 13th January

    I ordered through Forex Critic, found this site, and decided to satisfy my curiousity by running a back test comparison. After using Lot size of 0.1 and RiskLevel 0.2, and then testing using Forex Critic’s settings I would’ve finished with an account increase of 1.30722 times more with Forex Critics settings. I only back tested for 2009 with $600 (my account balance). You can take that for what it’s worth.

  14. Posted by admin on Sunday 17th January

    You can make backtest with RiskLevel 0.3 or 0.4 and you will get better results. But Risk is much higher πŸ™‚
    There are no special settings to use in current MegaDroid versions and that is all.

  15. Posted by haniff ashburn on Saturday 23rd January

    hello all

    i also bought Fab and Megadroid via Jim Philips Forex Critique.

    For his special setting he is asking $85 and $75 for the 2 software. fortunately i have not paid him yet because i found this site.

    tks to this site, i think i will set at default for my $1000 account.

    any suggestions? tks

  16. Posted by admin on Sunday 24th January

    Soon I’m going to create new service on ForexSpy – you will be able to watch how MegaDroid, FAPTurbo and other robots perform on Forward Tests and Live tests, also you will be able to download used settings for free.
    For now, I recommend you to use default settings for MegaDroid.

  17. Posted by Daniel on Friday 19th February

    I, too, just purchased all 3 bots (new one – IvyBot) via Jim’s site. I figured since I have some skills with databases, code and automated systems (Strategy Desk) and the ideas from Jim, I could tweak my own settings and optimize my results via backtesting while I tested live with demo accounts.

    There are 10 setups between the 3 of them:

    FAP – 5
    Mega – 1
    Ivy – 4

    After testing all ten with various settings for the next few weeks, I will then go live with the most productive models and regulate the lot proportions based on performance. I will also purchase additional highly recommended robots and add them into the mix once the machine is fully functioning.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about others’ successful tweaks.

    The Risk level just translates to stop. Sometimes loosening up the Risk will magnify profits but backtesting is what reveals this. I’m going to find the sweet spot for each model.

  18. Posted by Daniel on Friday 19th February

    That was:
    FAP – 5
    Mega – 1
    Ivy – 4

    Admin, when do you think you will have your settings available?


  19. Posted by admin on Saturday 20th February

    I’m now forward testing FAP and FRWC robots to find out which settings are the best for them.

  20. Posted by Demand Manager on Tuesday 23rd February

    Hi All,

    Great comments! I was gearing up to purchase his settings. But I guess not after reading all these comments.

    I am pro scalper , I really make great money on larg larg lots x few pips but I can keep going this way as I love my job and the market timing is against my working schedulle. I am keeping my job as it brings social benifts and other stuff.

    Anyway , I am confused on which EA i should go with???

    Any advise

    Regards, JC

  21. Posted by admin on Wednesday 24th February

    I think to find out, you can find some live/demo trading statements and then decide πŸ™‚
    You can always try one of the robots because most of them has good refund policy.

  22. Posted by Demand Manager on Saturday 27th February

    Good idea . I purchased FAPturbo 49v

  23. Posted by Duane on Monday 22nd March

    I had heard the GMT setting is quite important. Do you know what it should be with MegaDroid for the broker of Forex META? My understanding is that the GMT is associated with the broker’s location.
    I love your site.
    Any ‘special’ (ha ha!) settings to make MD operate AT ALL? Yikes! I’ve had it a week and haven’t seen any action.
    Any help on the PIP spreads, if I said that right; is that something one gleans from the broker? Any news on Forex META?
    I’m still working a Practice Account. Don’t have money to throw away.

  24. Posted by admin on Tuesday 23rd March

    I do not recommend Forex Meta for you. You should better try FXCM or FxPro. Even Alpari UK, RU is better (not US).
    GMToffset is automatically adjusting, so you should not change this input at all during the live or forward trading. You should set it during the back testing.

  25. Posted by Duane on Thursday 25th March

    Thank you. Yes, in further reserach I got the GMToffset figured.
    So, any unique MegaDroid settings that work best with any one of these 4 recommendations?
    … Much appreciated!

  26. Posted by admin on Sunday 28th March

    Unfortunately, MegaDroid hided settings in advisor’s code, so standard version doesn’t have settings to change except some regular ones. The main setting in RiskLevel. Optimal level is 0.2-0.25 as for me. You should not change anything else there.

  27. Posted by richdad on Saturday 22nd May

    if ever you have the complete code of Megadroid, which settings would you like to play with?
    i was about to purchase the setting from ForexCritic as well, glad i found this site.

  28. Posted by admin on Thursday 17th June

    Just use RickLevel and nothing else. The easiest method is to make RiskLevel lower before news and higher during quite periods. But MegaDroid is proftable itself.

  29. Posted by Kelly on Saturday 14th August

    This is a great site! My brother and I are wanting to get into forex trading and it seems that FAP Turbo, MegaDriod and IvyBot are the highest rated looking at critic reviews, would you agree with that? What would be your recommendation for newbies?
    We are starting with about $500 since we are kinda regular guys and have very limited knowledge of this stuff.
    We are working with fxcm and like the platform, what would you say about the fxcm Plus robot? Any good? Its free :o)

    Thanks! It is really nice to find a forum where folks can talk honestly and it looks like everyone is trying to help eachother, nice to see with all the SCAMs going on out there

  30. Posted by Oliver on Sunday 22nd August

    Just a quick notification. Few weeks ago I payed for fapturbo setting availabe of the following link: , but I did not receive the requested settings. I wrote to the owner of (James Philips) several times, but I didn’t reveive any response. I would not suggest this site to anyone, because the guy seems to be very unreliable.

  31. Posted by admin on Tuesday 24th August

    I donno about IvyBot, but MegaDroid and FAPTurbo are really top notch advisors. They are the biggest and the most profitable and stable.

    Unfortunately, I have no information about Plus Robot.

  32. Posted by Nathan on Thursday 16th September

    I ordered via Forex Critic and NEVER got any settings. After numerous attempts to contact this fraud, I got no replies. Aviod this guy at all costs.

  33. Posted by Rion on Friday 26th November

    This is a excellent site. I just order fapturbo 2 weeks a go and i am running a demo account, with EURCHF & EURGBP.

    maxspread on EURGBP= 4
    maxspread on EURCHF= 6

    lot size = 0.1 on both

    $100,000(demo) deposits
    I have experienced $4000 loss

    I want to open a $500 live account and would like some advice on setting for the live account. Thank you for your help

  34. Posted by Charles on Thursday 9th December

    The new version of Fap does not have a “Risk Level” option. Can you be more specific?

  35. Posted by admin on Sunday 19th December

    For FAPTurbo tweaked setting may be useful, but for MegaDroid they are useless.

  36. Posted by Aslam on Saturday 26th March

    Does the change of Start work and end work times settings help Fapturbo to trade more often.

  37. Posted by admin on Wednesday 30th March

    of course, but that could probably cause additional losses.

  38. Posted by Ritchie J on Saturday 2nd April

    Really, to sell settings to another publishers work is like independantly selling dinner plates at Macdonalds to eat your big mac off …

    If you backtest FapTurbo for the month of Feb- March 2011 it will fail bigtime with factory and even tweaked settings. The guy hasn’t updated his charts in a while – Maybe because they are MEGAFail Turbo

  39. Posted by simple forex trading on Wednesday 22nd February

    I’ll immediately clutch your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me recognise so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  40. Posted by admin on Tuesday 10th April

    Look at the right side, please

  41. Posted by Willabee on Sunday 19th August

    I bought MD but it will no allow me to put in my receipt code. I have the The smily face is in the upper right corner nothing on the left side.

  42. Posted by dparke on Wednesday 29th August

    Double click the receipt code box and it will let you enter it.

  43. Posted by Samet on Sunday 23rd September

    Yes, rboots do work. You just have to know which one to buy. All rboots will have many profitable trades then have several BIG losses. The first robot i bought was Forex Autopilot, it worked fine but i didnt like the big losses. Then i tried Fap Turbo, it was better. I recently bought Forex Megadroid, so far it’s been a little better than Fap Turbo. And i got it cheaper too. I bought it here and got it for $ 20 less than anywhere else.

  44. Posted by Nets on Tuesday 12th March

    Hi Guys

    I have started a live account using MegaDroid with $200. I know its not much but I’m adding more every payrun. But for now, I want to know if LotSize: 0.1 and Risk Level: 0.1 is good setting. Should I change the Risk Level to 0.2 for better results since the authors have mentioned that consecutive losing trades are very, very rare. Please advise.


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