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USDBOT pre-launch begins

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Yesterday, we all received e-mail messages about USDBOT. It’s launch is going to be huge, because it’s organization is awesome. I recommend all users to monitor their website every day untill the launch date, because they are planning to release something interesting every day!

While we all are waiting for it’s official launch on Tuesday 26th of January at 9:00 am EST, I will show your it’s trading results. These results are not mine, because I still don’t have a copy of USDBOT, so I’m unable to try it yet. USDBOT is using this results as their proof.



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  1. Posted by Tomas on Friday 22nd January

    And they NOW have testimonials about how people paid for it. I accept the testimonial from the Beta-tester.. but the others?

    This smells fishy..

  2. Posted by admin on Friday 22nd January

    Well, this could be marketing feature. It tells nothing about the robot yet. I’ll make test myself and you will see how it performs yourself, so don’t make conclusions yet.

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