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What You Give You Get Back or How to Feed the Forex Robots

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There many trader-handled conditions which can predetermine your further success or fiasco, when it comes to trading with forex robots (expert advisors). And it doesn’t really matter, how good is your robot when the conditions are not friendly for automated trading. Let’s review one of the most important risk factor – low initial deposit.

Being the amateur in automated trading, people intend to start their trading experience with a small deposit. Too small, sometimes. And there are many forex brokers, trying to attract people with an extremely low starting deposit, as low as $100, helping them to lose it all at once. And now it’s time to remember an ancient rule for making business, which says that money makes money, and that’s it. Forget they told you the ways to make money spending no money, it all is not about FOREX, indeed.

So, in order to defend yourself of the prospective loss, provide your forex robot with comfortable trading balance amount, enough to allow it to engage the maximum trading performance. The question is, how much will be enough… Well, to determine the necessary sum, trader should take into account at least the main factors: leverage (or margin) value, lot size your robot will trade, and of course the robot’s trading strategy (how it manage the lot size traded and the quantity of orders opened simultaneously). Although I can say now, the initial trading amount should not be as low as $100 or $500. And even $1000 is not too much for …

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