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…Not so fast, guys. OK, you have chosen pretty smart forex robot, however, you still need to find a good partner for him. In other words, you have to make some research in order to determine, which brokerage will be the most appropriate for MegaDroid. Of course you can refer to many websites that have already shared such an analysis, but how do you know it’s true, and not a promotion of the specific forex company? You don’t have to believe… The most of brokerages provide the MetaTrader 4 platform with Demo account, which can be used to test an Expert Advisor. So let’s do it.

Creating a test list.

First, you should create a list of the most friendly brokerages for automated trading. Let’s see what we have. The Forex MegaDroid manufacturer recommends FXCM while it has better spreads. Taking a look back at our distant reviews and tests, it discovers us some brokerages, which allowed our MegaDroid gain more pips while do not drop a single! Those sweets are ATC, FxPro and Alpari. Although, there is one more low spread STP (or ECN) brokerage called IamFX, we did not see the statistics so good, to bet to them. However, you can pick it up, as well as find some more brokerages on your own, and add them to your test list. Once it is done, you’re ready to pass to the next stage.


Now you have considered the list of brokers and need to get their trading software onto your computer. Download and install every brokerage’s MetaTrader 4 into separate folders, accompany each MT4 with your MegaDroid files and come up to opening a demo accounts. Keep in mind that demo settings should be the same for all the test accounts in order to achieve the natural results from your MegaDroid benchmark. I would recommend a USD account starting from $5’000 with 100:1 leverage (or 1% margin). However, you can choose it on your own mind. So, open your demos and move to the next stage.

Setting up the Forex MegaDroid.

Well, here you have done all the needed preparations, the MetaTraders are open and connected to demo accounts. Open up the EUR/USD chart and attach the MegaDroid to. The settings window has appeared. Switch to “Inputs” tab. Voila! It is under your control now. In the next article we will review the Forex MegaDroid settings and their values, how do they influence the trading.

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